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Family Is One of Our Core Values

In the early 1900s, the first phase of what would become the oldest accordion company in the United States opened for business on
Taylor Street in Chicago, Illinois. In 1910, Demo Piatanesi and his two brothers, Finau and Bramante joined Luigi Giuletti and others to run the newly named Italo-American Accordion Company located at 3137 West 51st Street. In its prime, the accordion company
manufactured over 25 accordion each week and quickly gained a reputation for its top-quality accordions and fine craftsmanship. As
time went on, the business remained family owned and operated from 1915 to the present.

Giuseppe "Joe" Romagnoli, who took over the business in 1950, was widely regarded as the last true accordion craftsman. Joe is
credited with numerous innovative manufacturing procedures that are used in producing the accordion to this day. Perhaps the last
man in America who could create a full-working accordion from scratch, he operated the factory at 51st and Kedzie until his death in
1994. The company was then taken over by his wife, Anne, and moved to its current location in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Even today, Joe's
accordions remain some of the most sought after and best built instruments in the world.
Italo-American was located at 3137 W. 51st St. in Chicago for over 50 years.
Italo-American Accordion Manufacturing Company Building
Our current location in Oak Lawn: 5510 W. 95th St.
Master craftsman, Joe Romagnoli, building an accordion from scratch in the 1950's.
Anne Romagnoli operated the company until her passing in January 2017.

We Are the Originators of Many Types of Accordions

Polytone * Polytonel * Italo-Tone * Polka Master * Polka-King * Concert Master * Gloria * New Age Models
Polytone Accordion Sheet
Concert Master Accordion
The Polytonel Accordion
Gloria Accordion
Gloria Accordion

One of the Largest Accordion Showrooms in the Country

With over 100 years in business, we take pride in serving our customers. When you shop with us, you enjoy one of the largest showrooms in the country, with accordions from top brands.
Castelfidardo, Italy
Our new models are handcrafted in Castelfidardo, Italy - 

Famous Accordionists Who Have Used Our Models

Pietro and Guido Deiro     |     Andy Rizzo    |     Frank Salerno     |     Sam Porfiro     |     Johnny Vadnal     |     Reno Tondelli
Guido Deiro
Frank Messina
Andy Shum
Johnny Vadnal

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