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The day before she died, Anne Romagnoli called the office manager at the Italo-American Accordion Co., the store she owned for 66 years. She had a few questions but mostly a long list of instructions.

"That was just her way," said her daughter Roseanne Romagnoli, who acknowledged her mother could 
be demanding.

She may have been tough, but her style allowed the family's store to survive for decades after the
instrument fell out of favor. Through many lean years, Romagnoli never lost faith in the accordion.

- Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas| Contact Reporter, Chicago Tribune9/1/2017
Chgo Tribune

When a family business lasts a hundred years that usually means it's doing something right.

The Italo-American Accordion Company on West 95th Street opened in Chicago in 1910 by Anne
Romagnoli's father and his two brothers. Their music just continues to play.

- Frank Mathie | ABC 7 News | 16/11/2016
ABC 7 News

"I am going to sell you an accordion," said Anne Romagnoli.

"Not right -- " began the teenage boy.

"No, listen, I've got to sell you an accordion. Why can't I sell you an accordion? You need an accordion. Look at you."

- Christopher Borrelli | Tribune Reporter | 3/9/2009
Chgo Tribune

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